World Conqueror 3 MOD Apk

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NameWorld Conqueror 3 MOD Apk
DeveloperApK MOD
MOD FeatureUnlocked All Weapons, Unlimited Coins
Last Updated6th September 2023

World Conqueror 3 MOD Apk is a realistic World War game environment with fantastic action. It is an extract of many world war movies that inspired mobile games. This game realizes the Second World War that many people can’t accept.

In this game, you will see a vast army force looking for a Commander who gives instruction and strategy to combat troops. It is a fantastic game offering a leading position to make strategies and conquer the world.

If you want to imagine a second world war, enter yourself in a world conqueror game. You will see a continuous death countdown. Here, fire, smoke, and weapons are chasing you constantly.

Only an intelligent guy can overcome this bloody situation. You can send your player near the lousy guy and trounce him. It also challenges your mind-blowing tactics and strategic skills.

You can take unlimited gifts and rewards. And also contains 3D graphics with premium features. It is easy to download its original version from Google Playstore.

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The Storyline of World conqueror 3 MOD Apk

It is a journal-based game that needs lots of strategic planning. You have to complete all missions and targets faced in the game to defeat your enemies because you have to save your world from War.

 World Conqueror 3 Unlimited Coins is a realistic World War game that needs Target enemies’ completion. All missions are incredibly challenging to overcome. Having a war theme, it has unlimited features with a premium version. Weapons are used to defeat enemies. Don’t hesitate to play this game if you want to rule this world with talent and leadership properties.

In Rayman Adventures MOD Apk, you can become a Commander who instructs his players to defend the world from War. It needs a higher level of strategy developer mind who survives in crucial times.

Modified Features of World Conqueror 3 MOD Apk

Its features include the latest version of Play. Interest development is its leading quality. Gamers feel like playing and managing in a natural, real-world environment.

1- Gameplay

Gameplay needs Your mastery art of dealing with the first-line troops. The Commander also manages many tactic challenges and moving techniques to handle forces conflict. You can also serve as a leader of insurgents and an intelligence officer. It is impressive because it provides 50 countries and 200 reputations participating in the battlefield.

World Conqueror 3 MOD Apk

As the level starts, a platoon, regiment, or military district offers you a commanding officer. Appropriate strategy is necessary over the map. Here are two modes of this gameplay. Every model has a series of challenges.

i- Military Career 

It consists of 150 missions and 32 historical campaigns with three difficult levels. It also has 45 challenges to test your commanding ability. In this, gamers have to cross all obstacles, wonders, buildings and many hurdles incoming in their path. If you pass all, you can make your military team. In this mode, you can be developed domestically to pass out your problems. 

ii- World Conquest

It contains four scenarios of wars in different eras. Every system is other than the previous world war. Now you can participate in any country conflict and sweep all your enemies quickly and get conquest. It is a simple expansion of territory conquest.


Soldiers are the main components of World Conqueror Apk Unlocked All Charcaters . Without these vital pieces, you cannot end this situation. You can change the troop’s position to get satisfactory. Armies and resources are available for the betterment of battlefield ground. Every country has at least one great general.

You can take advantage of local and foreign general. Some unnamed general with no mark rank is also present. You can choose one of the unknown, unranked generals. In turn, victory will shape your fate. As many levels as you bring up, you may carry many titles, combat experience, and new skills.


This game has 12 types of technology: missiles, nuclear, air, naval, space, and conventional. You can choose one of them and then upgrade to a new one. This game offers hundreds of units and weapons. You can decide easily to improve your situation.

Generally, four basic military units are present for improvement. 

  • The infantry unit fights on land with simple equipment and guns.
  • The artillery unit uses a rocket and a Cannon with a substantial attack range.
  • Armored tanks tackle vehicles like battleships, aircraft, submarines, etc.
  • The Marines is helpful in water environmental condition.


The primary mission of this game is to clean out your country from War. Press your abilities into practical form by challenging and inspiring the military. Your Army should follow all instructions given by the Commander to set up an opponent.

If an opponent suddenly attacks your officer or soldiers, then make sure they can take an urgent step to defend themselves and surprise them with quick action and smartness. No doubt players experience World War ll, but it is modern and cold War too, Thanks to its high-quality version

5-Unlimited Medals

You can get unlimited medals by killing your opponent. It is a defending-based game having countless coins to take home.

6-Unlimited Coins

You can get coins on your strategic planning ability. And also make your pocket money by licking your opponent’s shoes.

7-Unlimited Energy

 By passing levels, you will urge inside to get more and more. Unlimited Energy is also given to you if you are interested in this gameplay.

8-Free To Purchase

This is an Android game easy to purchase. You can easily buy if you are the most wanted criminal killer.

9-Unlimited Diamonds

 As many levels pass away, you can get unlimited diamonds. It is also a source of handsome amounts.  

10-Unlimited Weapons

Unlimited weapons are also unlocked for your convenience to achieve your goal. Instructions are also given to use them precisely. Only a little time is required for its use and play.

11-No Ads 

 Interestingly, no ads are available for time wastage. All formats are designed to cover the needs of players. 

12-Unlocked All Character

 All characters are unlocked to ready, start, and go. Lovely point here, to use all characters every time and Everywhere.


The game’s success is due to its many premium features like good visuality, audio, and sound system. Even gamers enjoy playing due to its exciting background sound. When players return to war, they will be influenced by the game’s sound, which urges them to combat and win.


World Conqueror 3 MOD Apk

3D graphics are a premium feature of World Conqueror 3 MOD Apk Unlimited Resources. It has unique and stunning graphics. It is a new game released in 2015 by EasyTech.It covers outstanding graphics which enhance the eye-catching ability of this game.

What’s New?

  • Premium features.
  • Unlimited Gold.
  • Ads free.
  • Unlocked all Characters.
  • Hit Mode.
  • Unlimited points.
  • Easy to download.
  • Bugs fixes.
  • Unlimited Money.
  • Free to Purchase.
  • Unlimited resources.
  • Special skills.
  • Unlimited Medals.

How To Download and Install World conqueror 3 MOD Apk?

  • Click the download button below.
  • Unknown resources are allowed from the setting.
  • Install it on your Android.
  • Open.
  • Enjoy.

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Therefore, it is concluded that this is a World War-themed strategy game that allows you to play as a ruler. Nothing is impossible, so let’s build an army with a general System and weapons to realize your dream of becoming ruler. It only requires active participation because if your attention moves around for a while, you could be attacked by opponent troops. 

It is also interesting because of its two mapping features, one for visualizing the strength of parties while the second helps to see mountains, seas, and territories. Both help in commanding your troops. It is only a game for conflict lovers. So download, Oceanhorn MOD Apk open, play, and enjoy every moment of conflict. 


 Some questions are arising continuously behind realistic, exciting, and fantastic game features. 

Is it safe to download this version of the game?

Its new version allows you to download and play in a real-world environment by experiencing commanding and leading services.

Can we install it on our Android? 

Yes, this strategic, realistic, worthwhile game is available for Android. If you have a crush on this game but have yet to provide any gadget, hurry up to install it on your Android and see your dreams come true.

How can we get unlimited rewards?

As you progress by accomplishing your mission, you can get more and more incentives in the form of coins, gifts, and much more. 

What is the use of World Conqueror 3 MOD Apk?

Its conquer depends upon the active and intelligent participants’ contribution. It enhances enhances gamer’s mental abilities to check the person’s skills. , in return, you will be able to get a lot of money to take home.

Is this game free from virus?

Yes, this game is free from viruses and other inspections.

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