Homescape Cheat Codes

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Homescape Cheat Codes: Homescape is about home renovation in which you will gather the stars to turn Austin’s Dustin Old Mansion to its former glory. This is a hit mobile puzzler game in which you will access these items by matching the three similar puzzles.

Following Austin’s family trip, adding new furnishings to our small dwelling, and solving these puzzles have all taken dozens of hours of our time. In the process, we’ve learned a few tricks for getting the most out of this captivating match-three puzzler.

Homescape Tips & Tricks

Here are some useful tips & tricks to become a champion of this game. Let’s have a look at them.

1- Be Patient

Although it can go against the grain of traditional gaming wisdom, being patient in Homescapes really pays off. You should pause for a moment if you reach a point in the game where finding a partner appears impossible. While you wait, the game will suggest possible solutions on its own.

2- Replaced Carpets

Putting down a carpet to hide the background could be required in some Homescapes stages. In order to create a new carpet, you must first place one of the blocks that were taken onto the carpet. Another option for helping to spread a carpet is to utilize explosives or airplanes. But you have to make sure the first one touches the carpet.

3- Making Use of Combinations

When you play Homescapes again, remember to connect plenty of bricks to make excellent blocks.

  • Arrange four bricks in a row to make a rocket.
  • Rows can be cleared using rockets in both horizontal and vertical directions.
  • If you get five in a row, you’ll either construct a bomb or a disco ball.
  • The bomb can be used alone or in conjunction with other weapons, including rockets.
  • Doing so will trigger special abilities.

4- Examine Your Stumbling Barriers

Among other things, Homescapes requires you to watch out for block formations. Studying formations and becoming ready is one of the easiest ways to win this game quickly.

5- Make Use of Social Media

  • We suggest logging into Homescapes with your Facebook account.
  • Simply joining the game through Facebook will get you 1000 coins.
  • If you remain logged in, you can send and receive retries with your friends.

Homescape Cheat Codes__________ 2024

1. Xb1OCB9o3n – life

2. 0bJcJnYpdK – gold

3. Y6qTqXgUov – star

4. i40eIEIJyD– boost

5. 2Fyq0tDOSQ – new levels

6. 5rnsEPsloF– oflline mode

7. N1ZOf4HGuL – unlimited number of move

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Free Coins for Homescapes Unlimited

Following these easy steps will get you Homescapes Free Coins.

  • Each day, the game starts.
  • With actual money purchases in-game, you may earn up to $110,000.
  • Every squad has five lives. Grand Prize: $600 to $1,000
  • Complete a match to get 50–150 points as a reward. three tiers (difficulty-wise)
  • Various SOS Mini-Games and Levels: 200–300 L-words
  • During the restoration of mansion it was found with a chance. 
  • Up to sixty minutes might pass while watching an ad.

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