Dawn Of Zombies Cheat Codes

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Dawn Of Zombies Cheat Codes: It is an online posy-apocalyptic survival game known as DoZ. The survivors will face several issues in this harsh environment, like starvation, illness, aberrations, zombies, and obsessive mutants.

Some can survive in these hard conditions. These will be natural bone survivors who have survived extreme heat and cold and have passed through natural calamities. But be careful. As darkness starts to fall, these zombies become more dangerous.

Dawn of Zombies Tips & Tricks

Dawn Of Zombies Cheat Codes

Take What You Want

First, prepare your bag, gather and put some useful items in it. You can earn new resources by looting corpses and anything coming your way.

Players can also damage the zombies and other objects if they have hand signs as they move closer to them.

It is recommended that you collect everything that will come your way. It can be wooden planks, zombie bones and many useful items.

Get Free Gold Bars

The option of getting the free gold bar is present on the left side of the screen. All you need to do is to look at this position and get to know whether they are available or not.

Press on the game’s FB page without creating an FB account to get them. After returning to the game, you will see a storage option; the award will be available here.

Repair Your Bicycle

Suppose you want to go through different areas of the world and want to discover them. Then, you will find old bicycles in different locations in the house. It can be a garage or an old room; you need to repair it. It will be your friendly vehicle during your entire journey.

Expand Your Home

If you have gathered a lot of planks, then a time is to expand the house and build the rooms. You will get the construction option when you tap on the home menu on the right side of the screen.

You will be able to make new things, including doors, walls, floors and some fences. Thanks to the practical items in the furnishing section, that will help you to make the house more beautiful.

Complete Tasks and Quests

These are the game’s major motives to complete tasks and quests. But your survival comes first, so take steps towards these tasks if possible.

Every day, when you open the game, you will find some amazing quests. Some can be completed with little effort, and some may be tough to finish. You need to customize your skills, sum them up, and land in a world full of obstacles. 

Dawn Of Zombies Cheat Codes 2024

  • iylJhU9fn8ZxqW1          gift box
  • Y7a8Hx8vI5fUU7N        gold coins
  • tWMbYxxvgtiSjqQ        special items
  • x3qiENOC99xTfBJ         premium pack
  • CoKpcgy8DCTkSaj         Energy
  • hDfnBTokgpnTNph       speed up
  • lGyLa82eTblFhuN          materials
  • nhq4Kpp7CZ4xvbY       promo code
  • fylbNBe4WPmFBBD      artifact
  • LRmpwEqcISQwFWa      VIP ticket
  • HeDhWPZ1qkYRoWE    chest

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