Toca Life World Cheat Codes

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Toca Life World Cheat Codes: is a perfect game to show your creativity and love for your toys. Due to the advanced development and availability of the internet, children play with their toys. However, this Toca World will help you utilize them properly and show your skills to tell their stories.

You can select toys and can get control over them. For instance, if you play with a dollhouse, you will be the owner, and no one has command over it. Now you can utilize the game’s various options to customize their things, e.g., clothes rooms and other necessities.

This game has all structures of the original life-like Toba Kitchen, Toca Hospital, etc. You will get various rewards, and this post will provide you with some fantastic tips and tricks that will be helpful for you. So, let’s move towards them.

Toca Life World Tips & Tricks 2024

Toca Life World Cheat Codes

Cool-Looking Sloth Suit

Toca Life World cheat codes have several mysteries, and this suit is one of the exciting discoveries among them. Move left in the city storage center to get the sloth suit.

You will find the costume hidden in the space behind the posture. You can also upgrade them.

Nari’s Cat In World Of Toca

Another creature you will find in the storage center is this Nari’s cat, which is a cloud-like creature and the most amazing one. You can also get the food crumbs from the storage center.

Food crumbs will be set apart towards the door, which you will open and find the soiled area. When you place the food bowl, the croquet will appear automatically.

Secret Crumpets

Toca Boca games have also another secret known as Crumpets which you will find in a collection of little critters.

Many crumpets can be recognized immediately, but some must first be acquired to be seen. The maintenance hole cover in the storage facility is one of the easier ones to find. The beautiful crumpet inside can be seen as you raise it.

On the other hand, it’s hard to find crumpets in the game. You must have the characters Zeke, Nari, Rita, and Leon to obtain these crumpets. These people would also have to hold things together at the storage facility to reveal the hidden crumpets. They can be acquired in the following ways:

Nimbus Crumpet: Zeke will hold the potato chips in his right-hand golden console controller in his left hand.

Nari: is another crumpet that must hold the rose in one hand and pizza in another.

Secrets Of Toca World Mall

The third mystery of the game is the Toca World Mall which has many secret places, and you need to discover them. You can go to any area and find the hidden mystery. The following guide will help you a lot with it.

Second Floor

We will not discuss the first floor because it is already full of secrets, so we are moving towards the second floor. This portion includes several things like pots, closet cabinet doors, and ATMs beside them.

It includes three emojis that you must remember in a photobooth phone. Once you enter them, then, you will proceed toward the hidden compartment. The other 3-digit code you will find under the flame gun.

Upper Level

Visit your local optician to pick up a handy eye chart. The red key card must be inserted into a slot on the poster, which can be revealed by tapping the sign.

A secret safe room can be accessed using this Shadow Fight 2 Cheat Codes. The safe requires a three-digit code to open it. The hidden compartment on the ground floor requires entering a three-digit code.

When you’re done, the safe will unlock, exposing a priceless golden gem and a mountain of cash.

Third Floor

Find the nest that has a white and grey bird. You will get the red key card by removing the bird from its position.

Toca Life World Cheats 2024

It has no cheats for now, so you can utilize the above tips and tricks to hack the game. However, you can get 8 Ball Pool Redeem Codes from there.

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