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NameLife is Game Mod
DeveloperStudio Wheel
Mod FeatureUnlimited Power-ups
Last Updated3 December 2022

Life is a Game Mod apk is the most interesting game where you will witness all the stages of Life from infancy to adulthood with emotions like joy, happiness, worries, etc. It has come with a great interface where you will face several challenges and get recreational by doing the things you like most. You can choose your career, hobby, and other activities, which can be messed up with several other things against your taste. 

The players will meet with all kinds of people and will participate in several contests. There are also multiple rewards waiting for you in the game. So, it is an amazing game! Let’s give it a trial!

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The Storyline of Life is a Game Mod

If we talk about a game’s storyline, you will find that the gameplay starts with the birth of a character, and the selection of gender depends upon you. You can create the game yourself and try to finish these difficult challenges, as it is not easy to face them in Life. Similarly, not everyone is capable of handling them.

Here is the opportunity to learn amazing life facts from this simulation game. It is a game of great interest that excited the players to evolve it and play with friends from all over the world. 

Mod Features of Life is a Game Mod apk

Besides its amazing storyline, the game has unique, interesting features that will help you complete the different levels and achieve premium rewards.

Life Simulation

Life is a game is a simulation where you choose the character and then different stages and life journeys. In real life, you can’t control the happening, but this game allows you to decide your faith. As it will start with a newborn, you will have to finalize all its essential materials for growth and several life accessories. 

You will schedule a diet plan, bathing and sleeping plan, etc. However, character growth occurs quickly as you have to pass through all stages. Players will witness all stages till death, and everything is described amazingly.

Choose your Hobby

Life is a game Mod apk latest version that will describe different desires and interests for all stages. You can choose the hobby that you want to make your life happier. Your career development will depend upon your earnings, and the life journey will become much easier after getting enough coins. 

The decision you will make as a teenager will affect your whole Life. So be creative and choose the best that will also help you later. Multiple hobbies include art, painting, book readings, and many more.

Life is a Game Mod apk

Develop your Career

You need to develop your career and can make it successful by choosing the right profession and getting an education or doing hard work. Now it depends upon you whether you want to become a successful person or a lazy person with empty handed. The game will provide you with complete opportunities, and you can mold the skills to the character’s skills to achieve all high levels of Life.

Life is a Game Mod apk

Health and Family

After getting the job and building your career, it’s time to make a family. However, you can lead your Life single, and this choice is yours. Health also has an important role in Life, and you do not want to live shortly. It would be beneficial if you could work in a medical setting for roughly 70 years. If you do not follow the rules, Life will be over, and you will die.

Great Control

The game screens have a lot of buttons on the left or right side to control the actions. Making the appropriate choice is made easier with the help of the right-side button. Activate the result of selection with the help left side buttons… This control will also make the control of your life easy, such as family, friends, and various other activities. 

Unlocked All Characters

Life is a game mod free shopping that will provide you with unlocked characters; you can choose from them according to your preferences. Another interesting thing is that these characters have special abilities and advanced skills. These will develop your game beautifully.

Unlimited Power-ups

Players need some power-ups to win the challenges, and this game will provide unlimited power-ups. You will always have them and be courageous in every circumstance. Do not miss a chance to power up your game.

Unlocked All Levels

Life is a game mod apk unlocked everything has many levels you can play without hurdles to unlock. All are completely unlocked and easy to access. However, several challenges are waiting for you. Allow your abilities to handle things and maintain your resolve under pressure. 

Unlimited Coins 

Players will receive numerous, limitless rewards after completing each level, including coins. By doing this, you’ll earn more money so you can shop. Once you complete each level, prepare to stuff your pockets full of coins. 

Free to Download 

You don’t have to spend any money to install the game because it is free to download. Here is a download button; click on it and get the game. It is an online multiplayer game you can enjoy with friends or family. 

Graphics and Sounds

The game has 2D graphics and amazing visuals that include bright images, eye-catching colors, and a brilliant atmosphere. The graphics are impressive, like Mario games that force you to play. Every stage will take you to a new environment with new items. You will examine several turning points that are the test of your mind.

Not only graphics but sound effects after completing each step and getting rewards makes it different from other simulation game. Now it is time to download this online multiplayer game and spend your leisure time completing the stages.

Life is a Game Mod apk


What’s New?

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlocked All Levels
  • Unlimited Cookies
  • Unlimited Power-ups
  • Unlocked All Premium Features
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Easy to Play
  • Ads Free
  • Bugs Fixes

How to Download and Install Life is a Game Mod apk?

  • Click the download icon below.
  • Allow unknown resources from settings.
  • Install the game on your android.
  • Open the game
  • Enjoy!

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In the end, Life is a game where everyone participates in different activities and performs their assigned duties. This game has explained all the stages of Life and the difficulties you have faced; it will provide you better life experience. Players will explore several interesting things in game modes and will receive several items after passing each level. 

Our article has provided all the necessary information regarding Life and its different aspects. Its attractive graphics will make it seems like you are present in real Life. Invite your pals over to experience life! Bookmark our site and visit it frequently to keep yourself updated on other interesting games.


What is Life is A Game?

Life is a Game is a simulation game with a unique and fun way to learn about Life. It has a simple but effective teaching method that uses gameplay to teach you about different subjects in Life. You will pass all stages of Life just like a real one and meet all kinds of people with different interests. It is the best stage to learn everything regarding Life.

When will Life is a Game be available for download? 

Your network connection speed and system memory will determine this. It downloads more quickly the faster your internet access is. On average, it takes around 1-2 minutes to download on any device.

How can we say that Life is a game is a mod version of the previous one?

The most important difference is that Life is a game with several amazing features not found in the previous one. These features include:

  • Controls for every situation: you can now more easily control your character’s movement, even in water!
  • New locations: The places where you can encounter other players have recently changed.
  • New characters: we have added new characters who are completely unlocked with special abilities.


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