Airport City Cheat Codes

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Airport City Cheat Codes: You have been tasked with developing a state-of-the-art, user-friendly airport that will be a major hub for international travel. As usual, your journey will begin in a small, nameless settlement. Creating a large airport that meets international standards from scratch is an arduous task that requires decisive leadership.

First, construct just one runway and a small terminal. The construction of new roads and other modes of transportation leading to the airport should be prioritized immediately. At first, you won’t be able to supply your passengers with many amenities since you need more money.

However, it is essential to consistently increase the ease of use and broaden the range of services available whenever opportunities arise. Expand by erecting new buildings, opening new eateries, providing secure parking, and thinking about other means of transportation.

If you enjoy playing Airport city games, you’ll enjoy this post. Many players have succeeded with the many Airport City hacks found online. We also review a few helpful hints for navigating Airport City during gameplay.

Airport City Cheat Codes—2024

Here are some active codes of Airport City Cheat Codes.

Gfj-7387db566d – Infinite money,

KP-76ff5a2b2e – Free shopping,

Lt-e46f13c9c2 – Getting resources for airports.

Airport City Tips & Tricks

These guides will help you to hack the game and get points against opponents.

Airport City Cheat Codes

Runway Operations

Only two runways are permitted in the airport’s proximity. As your power increases, you’ll be able to improve the airport’s runways and send out whatever plane you choose. 

For smooth takeoffs and landings, the runway area is separated into the actual runways and the taxiways that connect them. Don’t worry if you must deploy a whole fleet of planes at once; they’ll find their way to the right spot on the taxiway and take off in order.

Take Advantage Of Airplane Parking

Parking lots serves the same purpose in Airport City as airplane hangars in any other city. Park at the location where the plane is maintained. He will be here until his flight is ready to depart, refuel, board, and return. From Swallows to Condors, your own and guests’ planes can land in the parking space. That’s what separates it from the hangar.

Put A Pal To Work For You

You have applied for a job and sent it in. (it’s the one that says “Invite”) and are waiting for his response. If his next-door neighbor is on board with the “I’m grateful. Someone you know has hired you. After the game has been patched, you’ll be able to see him no matter where you are in the facility.

Instructions For Using The Spare Hangar

First, you should ensure the plane you want to keep in the backup hangar is currently out of the air. It needs no repair. Then, when you’re ready to upgrade your air transportation, you may point to the hangar where your current plane is stored. The money will be placed in the bank’s reserve right away in favor of a recently purchased plane to take its place.

Masters Of Airport Town’s Shining Stars

To get a mastery star, you must complete a certain number of flights to a designated destination. Look at the pop-up window when you move the cursor over the three stars at the flight’s bottom in the “Flights” window.

Just How Does This Terminal Function?

The improvements to the terminal allow you to accommodate more travelers simultaneously. Each section of the terminal has its own designated parking area for airplanes. Each parking lot has its distinct equipment group; separate areas are needed to service the planes swiftly.

Assuming you still need to build a terminal building next to the parking lot, the airport’s transport base will supply the specialized equipment needed to keep the planes in flying condition.

How To Redeem Cheat Codes For Airport City On PC?

Using cheat codes is the most straightforward technique to break the game’s security. You may get them in the Airport City game without downloading other programs. They are risk-free and come with comprehensive usage guidelines. You’ll also discover that they work with other games that use similar cheat codes.

You may gain access to premium features without spending real money by employing a cheat. Be wary of overusing the cheat, though, as doing so might disrupt your workflow. On Fridays, airport city cheats are at their most effective.

How To Get Airport City Currencies?

In this game, you can access many currencies that serve different purposes. You may earn these coins by participating in various activities and completing tasks and events, as well as by visiting residential buildings and flying on guest planes. 

You may use them to acquire structures, quicken the construction of structures, and fund the initial stages of city growth. The top flights, silver and gold chests, platinum chests, and spaceship flights awarded silver and gold tokens, respectively. You may use them to buy real estate, fast transport, and automatic collection agreements.

Currency is the final option. In this game, money is the most important resource. This is another kind of uncommon money. Expand your city, buy buildings, speed up their construction, and skip quests with the cash you earn through the Android Weekend Gift Code, promotions, and the bank. 

Airport City’s currency may be purchased with real money through the game’s in-app store. If you’d rather not spend real money, though, you can use a simple Airport City cheat.

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